Free Audit and Consultation

Free audit and consultation

Discover new opportunities and routes to success

We offer a free review and consultation for any prospective clients. Typically this involves a 30 minute review of your website followed by a 30 minute call to discuss key opportunities that should be explored within your digital marketing strategy.

What's covered?

Our review of your site typically includes insights and analysis covering key topics listed below. On occasion however, we may recognise alternative types of analysis may be better suited for you. 

  • Landscape ReviewWe review how your visibility stacks up against the wider industry landscape and where competitors are performing well.
  • Competitor AnalysisOur audit can focus on a select range of competitors or keyword / product areas. Just let us know how to best refine our findings for you.
  • Technical / Indexation ReviewIdentify key technical issues or indexation problems that may be holding your site back.
  • Keyword VisibilityBroad analysis looking at keyword territories your business competes in and where there is potential for growth.
  • Response to BriefWe will tailor our research to any brief you share with us. This allows us to be more forensic in solving your business problems.
  • Additional ConsiderationsWe will also supply recommendations around opportunities to enhance your search visibility (outside of the stated brief)

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